Over the past few months I seem to have acquired a huge stack of 35mm slides from various people around the world. Within this stack is a lesser stack of around 300 slides taken by random people in random places at random times. After sifting and sorting through the slides, I managed to collate a ‘set’ of 28 images dating back to 1968 taken in and around York in England.  The set features a family at different times of the year including Christmas and a picnic in the summer. The slides also shows street scenes of York that are now long-gone.

Wishing to find the children in the slides, who would now be in their late 40s, I reached out to the York Press newspaper on Twitter to see if they could help in the search. A few emails later, York Press published an article about the View From This Side project asking for help in identifying the people in the found photos.

Do you know the people or the places in the pictures below? If you do, drop me a line.

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