Here’s a quick post with a selection of ‘people’ slides from a set of about 75 glass-mounted slides I acquired a while back. I’ve an ever-growing collection of slides, and these ones offer a tiny insight into the fashions of the time.

To scan these slides, I carefully cut and removed them from their hand-made glass cases and mounted them individually into a quick-release, easy-mount slide holder. Upon removing the slides from their original mounts, I discovered that the film was Ferrania film.

While it is practically impossible to nail down the date these photos were taken, one of my Twitter followers, Chris Dale, did correctly guess the location in some of the slides – Port of Menteith in Scotland.

A brief note on Ferrania: FILM Ferrania s.r.l. was originally a manufacturing company located in Ferrania, Italy, founded in 1923 as a maker of photographic film, papers, and photographic equipment, including cameras. The company was sold to 3M in 1964 and the doors to the film manufacturing plant were finally closed in 2012… The story doesn’t end there though.. What happened next? Read on..


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