I’ve had this post in drafts for a couple of months now; I was unsure how to write it without sensationalising the fact that millions of people go missing each year. Here in the UK alone, it is estimated that 275,000 people go missing. (The Home Office, 2010: 5). Of those 275,000 an estimated 140,000 young people under the age of 18 go missing (The Home Office, 2010: 5); some of these missing go unreported.

This post came about from the chance discovery of the photo slide below. Taken by a tourist in the USA (most likely Arizona given the adverts to the right of the window) back in 1991.

It’s quite clear from the photograph what the subject matter is; pages of missing children/teens in the window of a laundrette. Of the nine smiling faces in the window, only one, Jaycee Lee Dugard, has a ‘happy’ ending. To be honest happy isn’t the right word given the horrific nature of her 18 year imprisonment at the hands of a convicted rapist and his wife, but you know what I mean.


The Missing


  • Jenna Ray Robbins – Missing since May 14, 1989. Abducted in Killeen, Texas aged nine.
  • Ilene Misheloff – Missing since January 30, 1989. Abducted in Dublin, California aged 13.
  • Gina Dawn Brooks – Missing since August 5, 1989. Abducted in Fredericktown, Missouri aged 13.
  • Amber Jean Swartz aka Amber Swartz-Garcia – Missing since June 3, 1988. Abducted in Pinole, California aged seven.
  • Megan Elizabeth Garner – Missing since March 27, 1991. Abducted in Tyler, Texas aged three.


  • Jaycee Lee Dugard – Abducted in South Lake Tahoe, California on June 10, 1991 aged 11. She was discovered alive and well in 2009. Phillip Garrido, a convicted rapist on lifetime parole, and his wife, Nancy, had been holding her captive in a secure backyard shed for eighteen years. Dugard gave birth to two of Phillip’s daughters during her captivity and they too were raised in the shed.
  • Toni Danielle Clark – Missing since March 16, 1990. Abducted in Oakland California aged 17. She was two months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.
  • Kimberly Rachelle Norwood – Missing since May 20, 1989. Abducted in Hallsville, Texas aged 12.
  • Monica DaSilva – Disappeared on September 24, 1990. Abducted in Reno, Nevada aged 7. Three weeks later, her skull, ribs and collarbone were found in a remote canyon in Storey County. Her killer has never been identified.