Recently I received a message from Michael Sturgess on Twitter as he wished to donate some slides to the project. These slides were somewhat different to the many, many thousand of slides in the project as these were neither lost nor found as they were taken by Michael’s late father James in 1995. As you’ll know, the project’s main focus is on the discovery and rediscovery of lost/found slides and the story behind the images, but I felt the subject matter of the slides was interesting and important enough to share with a wider audience so I kindly accepted the slides and scanned them in.

Unlike most, if not all, of the slides in the project, we have a little story behind these:

During a trip to Mumbai in India back in 1995 to visit his wife’s family, James was struck by just how many people were living on the street (current estimates are 250,000 people in Mumbai alone). So armed with his camera (Michael believes it was a Canon SLR), James captured some of the lives on the streets of Mumbai.

Despite the obvious hardships these people endured and continue to on a daily basis, there was often a smile to be found.

Note: There are a number of wonderful charity organisations such as Railway Children, Reall (formally Homeless International) and they’re all working hard to combat this global issue.

Mumbai – 1995

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All images ©James Sturgess and used here with kind permission by his son Michael.