View From This Side was born out of a personal passion and fascination with analogue photography and photographs. In a world of Instagram and Facebook, long gone are the days of  viewing photographs on a slide projector or thumbing through photo albums of package holidays in Europe. In this age of digital delivery and consumption, many personal memories are being discarded like yesterday’s newspapers, but we want to save them, share them, and maybe reconnect them with the original owners or their family.

There are two distinct types of 35mm slide photography – amateur and professional. This project’s primary focus is on amateur slide photography. For us, it is more personal; with every picture holding a memory or a story. Also, the photos are more unique in that it is unlikely that they have been duplicated.

While our main focus is on the discovery and sharing of 35mm slides, we may on occasion choose to feature abandoned and discovered film negatives.



Want to help?

There are a couple of ways you can get involved with the project; 1) send in your discovered slides or 2) contribute to any missing data.

1. Discovered a stash of 35mm slides in a local junk shop and you fancy sharing your find? Scan them in, date them (if possible) and send over the image files. We’ll give you your very own post on the site and you’ll be given full credit. If you don’t have a suitable scanner and you don’t mind posting them on; get in touch! We’ll scan them in, catalogue them and send the slides right back (you may have to pay for return postage if there’ a lot of slides).

2. If you can confirm any missing data (location, year, original owner) drop us a line via the contact page and we’ll add it to the site.