Milton Keynes Slides

Below is a selection of found photographic slides taken from a stack found by the father of project supporter Helen Ketley. Helen’s father purchased what he thought was an empty box (to store his watch collection) at a car boot sale at the Milton Keynes bowl and was surprised to find some slides within. The slides themselves date back to the mid-late 1970s and in to the 1980s.

At the moment I do not know if the family in the slides is/was from the Milton Keynes area. I know nothing about the family other than what is written on the slides; this I’ve replicated in the photo titles along with Location Unknown and the date (if known).

Update: (5/2/15) I’ve scanned about 50 of the 100 or so slides in and from information written on the slides, we know that the dad is called Angus, the mum, Madeleine and the two children Amy (the elder of the two) and Elinor. Both the girls were born in the mid 1970s.

'Angus+ Madeleine wedding' - Date & Location unknown

Amy, Christmas - 1977

Amy 'newborn' - Date Unknown

Amy - 1980

Amy, Elinor + Madelene - 1981

Christening - Date & Location Unknown

Christening - Date & Location Unknown

Amy + Dad - Location Unknown - 1977

Christening - Date & Location Unknown

Madeleine - 1975

Amy - 1977

Madeleine, + Amy - Location Unknown - 1977

Amy + Ellinor- Yorkshire - 1981

Amy - 1979

France - Date Unknown

Angus - 1981

John & Jean Wedding - Location Unknown - 1976

Amy, F + Mabel, Location Unknown - 1977

Madeleine, M+D (gisborn?) - Location Unknown - 1975

Family - Yorkshire - 1979


To see all of the scanned images to date, click here to view them on Flickr. If you recognise yourself, a family member or friend in the photographs, please let me know!